Mitsubishi Montero

  • Project detail:
  • Montero retrofit debacle: Owner availed of a “quad” setup from another shop April of 2014. This retrofit had so many issues that eventually the client had to buy a new set of headlights to fix this problem. It is very unfortunate that only after a little over 1.5 years, a retrofit will fail like this. The details and how we fixed it: Inferior quality projectors and HID system > The projectors installed were stage1 projectors even when the customer paid more than 30k for this setup. We removed both projectors and installed an OEM 3″ bixenon projectors for a good balance of output and long term reliability. Poor quality projectors and HID system normally will have diminished output in 1.5 years or so. Poor sealing, the stock rubber ring was used to seal the back of the bulb. This caused moisture to enter the headlight and caused pitting and watermarks on the bottom part of the headlights. We solved this by using another type of rubber cover to completely seal the back side of the headlights and it looks good too! Messy wiring and mismatch parts. We solved this by completely removing the old harness and we laid out a proper set for the factory look and oem function. +12v supply is hidden from sight and the fuse and relays are bracketed properly. You can see from the pictures that the output of the old outer projector is so diminished that it pales in comparison to the new projector/hid setup. We also installed angel eyes for DRL and signal light function. Overall the old setup was designed and retrofitted poorly that is contributed to all of these problems. Technical expertise @