Mitsubishi Montero GLS

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  • HR Performance Package on Mitsubishi Montero GLS.

    Since 2008, we’ve pioneered many retrofit techniques, design and introduced to the market many parts that are now standards in hid projector retrofits. We continue to research and test projectors, bulbs, ballasts, wiring harness to improve the packages we offer to our clients. Unfortunately some clients are misled when other shops offer setups and call it “the same” as our packages. Our HR Entry level, HR performance package and HR OEM package are setups unique to us and is totally different from what other shops have. These packages are composed of individual parts we tested and developed with our suppliers over 7 years of doing projector retrofits. Check out our one-off LED and HID projector retrofits in this years Manila Auto Salon happening tomorrow until Sunday. Innovation vs. Imitation since 2008.