Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2016

  • Project detail:
  • We’ve been doing many new Montero Sports lately and I would like to post this setup because the owner availed of a complete lighting upgrade and he is coming from a plug and play LED bulb (the best apparently). We retrofitted 3″ bixenon HID projectors on the headlights and 2.5″ bixenon fog projectors, both with all weather, factory spec HID systems. Customer also availed of the LED DRL upgrade and our GT style rear fogs with switch (we developed this in-house with custom made PCBs and LEDs). For now, NO plug and play HID or LED can match the output of a proper HID projector retrofit. Even an OEM LED projector, which we can also do can come close to the lighting performance of a good HID projector and the right HID system. Also reposting some comparative pictures of projectors with halogen, plug and play LED and pnp HID bulbs installed vs HID bulbs on HID projectors. When doing your upgrade, follow the simple rule: “light source should match the light projector”, PM us for your inquiries or contact us