Mitsubishi Montero Sports 2016

  • Project detail:
  • 2016 Mitsubishi Montero Sports HID/LED Lighting Retrofit. We have the complete lighting upgrade for the new Montero Sports including retrofits for the headlights, daylight running lights (DRL), fog lights and rear fogs. The base variant comes with halogen projectors and we replace this with 3″ bixenon projectors plus installing factory spec HIDs. The stock T10 peanut bulbs for park lights are replaced with LED arrays for the DRLs. The weak fogs are upgraded to top of the line HID fog projectors in single or bixenon version. We can properly open and re-seal the headlights without any moisture issues and as if the headlights were not opened at all. We do not cut or splice any stocks wires as we are complete with sockets and tapping connectors for the custom harness we do. The upgrade will have 3x more light than the stock lighting system will lesser current demand on your electrical system (55w stock vs. 35w HIDs). The complete upgrades takes only one day and it is properly scheduled. The new lighting system is guatanteed to outperform the LED projectors of the premium or GT variant. Engineered lighting systems