Mitsubishi Pajero Fieldmaster

  • Project detail:
  • When experience and expertise matters. This Pajero Fieldmaster came in with a “retrofit” from another shop. The sealing was done poorly considering the headlight of the Pajero is very easy to open and re-seal. These are boxed kits, i.e a kit with projectors, bulbs and ballasts in one box. These are poor performing lighting components with, most oftentimes, the cheapest projectors and HID system and normally will have a decent output in just one year then it’s kaput! There are still shops who install this type of projectors but it really doesn’t make sense to go through all the trouble of opening the headlights just to install a system like this. It’s cheap at first then you actually spend more coz it will last only one year. You can also see the spaghetti style wiring layout:( Customer opted for HR OEM package with 3″ bixenon projectors running at 4300k and 35w.