Subaru Legacy

  • Project detail:
  • Another headlight rescued.

    The present owner bought this nice Subaru and it was opened before by another shop to install just the led bar and some other LED lighting for park lights. Ended up destroying the sealing channels of the headlights plus jamming a LED bulb held by gum! Water was leaking into the headlight so we opened and resealed this headlight without the sealing mess, replaced the stock projectors and new bulbs and fixed the wiring layout. In many cases, the headlights cannot be rescued anymore and even if we do out best to fix everything, the long term reliability of the lighting system is affected already. It is really sad coz’ many shops who followed after us are really doing the motoring public a disservice by offering retrofits like this. As in any shop, go to someone who has the technical background and expertise to perform the service that you are paying for.