About Us

In 2008 while trying to upgrade the lighting system on my cars, I stumbled upon HID technology used by hi-end automobiles. As it is difficult for me to drive during night time, it was imperative to upgrade my car’s lighting equipment. I already tried all types of halogen bulbs ranging from the cheap alternatives all the way to the expensive ones like PIAA, Raybrig, Philips, etc. Even with the best halogen bulbs, I found it lacking in intensity and width. So I was left with the HID option but I did not want to use it as a plug and play unit because it produces so much glare to other motorists and the output of the HID bulb is not maximized.

This brought me to the world of retrofitting. I am an avid DIY’er, an electronics engineer by profession and now a passionate lighting designer and HID projector retrofitter. I have done many retrofits on all makes and car brands and I continue to improve the design, process and techniques of retrofitting HID projectors. I test comprehensively all the parts I install and my goal on all retrofits is to make a system that you can use for many years, has a wide and intense output and will not cause any safety issues with other motorists. We are a pioneering shop for all hid projector retrofits and other lighting upgrades and we look forward to working with you on your retrofit.