Isuzu Crosswind

  • Project detail:
  • We always like a challenge. We’ve done several Isuzu Crosswind in the past and the biggest projector we can install is our 2.5 H1 bixenon projectors. With this, we were able to retrofit our 3.0″ D2S OEM bixenon projectors by complete modfying the complete mounting system to accommodate the projector. With this, we were still able to maintain the stock adjustments of the projectors and high beam reflector bowls. Color of the car is blue so the owner also asked us to install blue evil eyes which I think matched the look of the car. This Crosswind has our HR performance package with 3″ D2S projectors, 5500k D2S bulbs and 35w ballasts. Innovative retrofit techniques since 2008 @